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Meeting 2015-10-06

Today we had an awesome meeting. Two wonderful events happened at the same time. We had a training for mentoring and we received three membership applications for our club. Surprisingly today we had six guests including a guest speaker. Four guests work for the government and the other one is an economic student in Ottawa University.

Today Firoozeh was our toastmaster. We had a very special agenda, because we had a guest speaker. Diann Franklin, DTM, was invited to our club to talk about mentoring and the ways that we can start a successful mentoring program in our club.

Theme of the meeting was “butterfly”. Our capable VP Ed, Karina, chose butterfly because of two reasons: the butterfly exhibition in Carlton University and the transformation that happens to people when they join TMs and benefit from different club programs like mentoring.  

We started the meeting two minutes late, but we finished the meeting on time. The agenda was in three parts: mentoring workshop, table topics and general evaluation.

Firoozeh welcomed our guests and thanked Diann for accepting her invitation to hold a workshop in the club. Our Grammarian was Elodie and she introduced “transformation” as word of the day. Transformation is a noun and means “a complete or major change in someone's or something's appearance, form, etc.”

Firoozeh introduced Diann Franklin, DTM. Diann has previously been a shy person and has transformed to a Distinguished Toastmaster. She is the member of five Toastmasters. Two community clubs that she was directly responsible for starting and is still a member of :– Creativity Plus and Les Terrasses; two Advanced Clubs – Advanced Speakers and Visioneers Advanced and ‘the Percolators Breakfast club’ which she helped charter in September 2014. She is also the co-chair of the Mentors’ Circle, a role she thoroughly enjoys.  

Diann explained that in order to start a mentoring program in the club, we need to read “mentoring” from “successful club series” and then discuss it in the club. Then we should ask members that if anyone is interested to be mentor or mentee. After matching, mentor and mentee should meet on a regular basis for a limited time. Of course we should have a mentoring coordinator to coordinate these matches. She also talked about different types of mentoring like foundation mentor, specialty mentor or mentor coach.

After the speech we had questions and answers part which was very useful and members asked good questions.

The second part was led by Amadomo. He used the theme to prepare his questions. He talked about the transformational leadership and asked that who your role model is for leadership. Percita talked about Nelson Mondela as his transformational leader. The way he forgave his enemies in order to make a united country. He also asked why you have joined TMs and Karina responded to learn the Canadian culture and improve her communication skills. The last question was directed to Diann. He asked, what is the most important thing that you’d like to teach your mentees and she said “confidence”.

Rana took care of the last part of the meeting. She provided feedback on all parts of the meeting. She called upon her team to present their feedback to the club. According to Elodie’s report, word of the day was used by all of the speakers and Amadomo and Pecita used it more than others. Fanny gave a detailed report on the use of “Ahs”, “Ams” and crutch words. She interestingly noticed the pattern that different members may follow when they start using Ahs and Ams. It was a very creative report. Percita was our Timer and according to her report the table topics speakers all spoke in the range of 1-2 minutes. Rana wrapped up her part with acknowledging the progress that members have made and give comments to the speakers. She suggested that Firoozeh takes more breaths to speak with a soft voice and Amadomo to talk about the table topics and what we do in that part to the benefit of our guests.

Firoozeh took the floor from Rana and adjourned the meeting at 1 pm.

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