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Meeting 2015-11-03

Today we had a special meeting. We had five guests. One of the guests was Ms. Anna Crandlemire, Area 21 Director.  Our Toastmaster was our VP Ed, Karina. The theme was “Time Management.” The Word of the Day was “procrastinate” which means delay or postpone action or put off doing something, so we demonstrated the word by starting the meeting one minute late. 

The executives had two announcements: Natasha, our Treasurer, talked about the club’s financials and the two main upcoming expenses of the club: 1- renting the room 2- dues to Toastmaster International. She explained that we will eventually need to do a fundraising to cover the expenses. Firoozeh announced that our Coach Craig Senior will visit our club and deliver a workshop in November.

We had a Table Topics agenda, so we had both speech and table topics today.

Amadomo delivered his speech number 5 from CC manual. He talked about the promises that politicians make during their campaign and that much of these promises are being kept. Anna, our area director evaluated his speech and presented to him the “ribbon for completing project 5, body language”. She divided his evaluation into two parts: strong points, and area of development

The next part of our agenda was table topics. Firoozeh led this part. She used the theme and gave an explanation of time management and then provided six tips in order to manage the time. Following each tip, she asked a question and asked for volunteers. Guests also got involved in answering the questions.

Natasha led the last part of the meeting.  She called upon her team and then gave her feedback. She cheered on Karina for taking the role of Toastmaster and also admired her sense of humor. Then she referred to Amadamo’s speech as an interesting speech and topic. She also liked the table topics part and said that she took several notes on the tips for her upcoming interview. She wrapped up the meeting on time and then Karina closed the meeting.

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