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Meeting 2016-03-28

Firoozeh presented her 9th speech, persuading us to visit Iran. She displayed a large map of the country, shared many photos, and even indulged us with some Iranian sweets! We were all grateful!
She spoke of the different regions, the rich history, and places of interest.
We were grateful for the visuals, interesting topic selection, and rich information.
Some of us would have liked to hear some of her experiences of traveling in Iran, and about ease of travel, safety concerns, and logistics.
Next Natasha engaged us in Table Topics. With chocolate as a sweet incentive, we answered questions related to Easter.
We learned that Chinedu would give up his laptop for 40 days.
Christian felt renewed when he decided to go to law school.
Our guest, Abdul, enjoys spending holidays with his family.
Rana enjoys visiting family during holidays
Faye plans to try Tai chi
And Judith...
Judith likes cake…
a lot.
We like Judith.

As an executive committee report, Firoozeh discussed the Toastmasters mobile app. There is currently a competition underway, though from our group, only Craig downloaded the app.
In closing, Fanny shared some of the challenges that arose in planning the Toastmasters competition last week. Always have a backup plan! It was a good learning experience.

Rana shared her experience as a competitor. It was a good experience and much was learned. There were no microphones and the judges sat at the back of the large room. Unfortunately they couldn’t hear her very well. The men dressed sharply and were curiously the only ones to place. We are all grateful to Rana for representing our club and making us proud. She will always be the star in our eyes!

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